Club Trophies

If you are in possession of any club trophies now is the time to return them, (in a nice shiny clean condition,) so they can be presented to this years winners.

You can drop them in to Mick Harts shop.

Club Jerseys

As you will know by now if you’ve had one of the new long sleeve autumn/spring jerseys they are a bit on the big side. We’ve been in touch with the manufacturer and they have agreed to try and rectify them if we send them back. Mick Kudryk has kindly volunteered to send them back. So if you want your jersey to go back and get sorted out, (not sure at this stage whether they will be altered or replaced,) please write on a piece of paper what the fault(s) are and include your name. Attach the paper to the jersey and if possible pop it in a carrier bag and drop it off to Sue at The Metro Café in Beeston, BY FRIDAY THE 8TH DECEMBER. (at the latest? – yes or we will assume you are OK with the one you have).

Sunday Run

Weather permitting there will be a steady Sunday Run on the 10th December with a café stop at Beths Kitchen, Breedon On The Hill. Meet at Attenborough lights ready to leave at 9:00am.

The weather forecast for Sunday is not great so the run may be cancelled.


For the latest on the racing scene click on the racing link above.