Pre- Season Social Evening 9th February 2018

There will be a pre-season social evening on February the 9th 2018 at The Boat & Horses, Trent Road, Beeston Rylands. Trophies that have been won during the 2017 season will be presented. There will be refreshments and music, including a live band. Spouses, partners, significant others, friends and family etc, (you get the picture,) will be most welcome.

Tickets are £6 per person and will be available from the 8th January from Mick Harts shop and from Sue Kudryk at The Metro Café, High Road Beeston .

Club Trophies – Are you a racing Godess or God or non gender specific hero?

In the words of the Bard, Eyudunoat? That is the question.

If you’ve won something, participated in something, fallen off and hurt yourself doing something or done something worthy of note please lets us know. You might get a prize! Now before all you devilish wits get to work the ‘somethings referred to above do of course need to be cycling related and remember this is a family show.

Also if you have done something in the past and still have the trophy please return it lickety split in a nice clean and polished condition to Mick Harts shop or the Metro Café in Beeston, (you can get a nice lunch in there too).

Unashamed claims of glory can be made to



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