Skeggy Here We Come

A ride to Skegness has been suggested for Sunday the 16th September 2018. This is the plan so far.

Gazza hires a big van. All those who are riding chip in with Wonga for said van IN ADVANCE, (yeah I know what you’re like).

Riders hand over a small bag containing suitable clothing and footwear etc for the return trip and bike protective padding of their choice for Gazza to put in the big van .

The riders ride to Skegness on a pre determined route, (so we can find you if things go Pete Tong). Gazza drives big van to Skegness and meets the riders there.

The riders change into the aforementioned suitable attire and the bikes are put into the back of the big van and suitably secured. Attendees of the trip then gobble down fish & chips or junk food of their choice or… well you get the picture.

Later in the day the riders catch the train back home, (no you can’t come back in the van,) and Gazza drives the big van back. Riders will be responsible for booking their own train trip back.

Riders meet Gazza back in Nottingham to retrieve their bikes from the big van.

The size and cost of the van will depend on how many folks want to ride. The only limit will be on what the van can carry.

It will probably be necessary to collect and pay for the van the previous day so if the weather on the 16th is dire and you decide not to go your van money, (although not likely to be a lot,) is likely to be forfeit.

If you want to go please email by Friday 24th August.

Social Rides

Weather permitting Club Social Rides will run every Wednesday evening, alternating between a steady ride for all club members and to introduce newcomers to the club/cycling and on alternate Wednesdays and more ‘pacey’ ride for more experienced riders. All rides will be around 20 miles starting and finishing at The Boat & Horses, Trent Road, Beeston Rylands.

There will be ‘a steady ride’ suitable for club riders and newcomers to the club who want to do more cycling on Wednesday 15th August.  Leaving at 6:30pm and getting back about 8 for a social drink.

Just to be clear  ‘steady’ in this instance is fairly slow to attract new members who have done some cycling and would like to do more without blowing their legs off the first time they come out with the club, ‘at pace/evens’ is a steady even pace between fast and slow. Quicker than say Sunday Run but not as fast as chain gang but aimed at riders used to group riding.

Club Subs

As it’s getting late on in the year now it is assumed that those who have not renewed their club membership have decided to leave the club. The subs were due on the 1st April so if you are intending to stay with the club for 2018/19 please pay your subs without further delay.
If you are not renewing your membership this year it would be helpful if you could drop an email to admin@beestonrc to let us know so we can update the club records accordingly.

The subscription for over 65’s has been reduced to £10. Yet another benefit of being older and wiser. Details of how to make payment are on the Membership page of the website. Just click on the Membership tab above.

Please note that anyone who has not renewed will be removed from the club email list shortly.


Welcome to BRC!

Beeston Road Club is one of the longest running cycling clubs in Nottingham. We cater to all forms of cycling and have something for everyone. Why not join us on one of our club rides or come for a training session at The Hut.

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