Weather permitting Sunday Club Runs are, with a few exceptions,  run throughout the year.


Riders should arrive at the start point ready to leave at least 5 minutes before the specified start time.

To avoid large groups of riders on the road the Sunday Runs to be split into groups of up to 10 to 12 riders. If a club Sunday Run ride leader is unavailable the riders that are present should organise themselves into groups.

Groups to leave the start point at 3 to 5 minute intervals.

Each group to ride as a group. All riders in the group should be aware of who else is in that group and communicate with each other and moderate the pace as necessary, including stopping and waiting if necessary, to ensure that no one is dropped from the group. If a rider in the group gets a puncture or suffers a mechanical issue etc,  all riders in the group should stop and wait until the issue is resolved and give any assistance they can. Riders should not change groups.

It is each individual riders responsibility to ensure that their bike is roadworthy and they have spare inner tubes, (a minimum of 2 is recommended,) and tyre levers. Carrying a good quality bicycle multi tool, and a chain joining link is also recommended. All riders should familiarise themselves with the route and the location of the café stop before setting out. See also Riders Responsibilities.

It is the club policy that riders should not be dropped on club runs. To ensure that club rides can run properly riders should not join a ride or a group that they are not fit enough to keep up with. Notwithstanding that, if there is a rider struggling to maintain the pace of the group the group should moderate their pace to suit the slowest rider. Similarly the Sunday Club runs are not training rides and are not for individual riders to pursue a personal fitness goal.