Beeston Road club caters to all forms of riding. Whether you’re looking to ride sociably with like minded people or train for racing, you’ll find rides suitable for you. There are also various other events such as club nights and turbo training. The Club also organises several races throughout the year, all of which are open to riders and in need of marshals. See if you can ride yourself or help out your club.

Riders wishing to take part in club runs should be aware that their road safety is their sole responsibility. For more details CLICK HERE. Please note that rides may be affected by the weather. If the weather conditions are bad it is riders individual responsibility to decide whether to ride.


With the increase in popularity of non-competitive Sportive and Audax events a group of new long distance awards has been introduced into the club.

Rules and Guidelines

Three awards are to be presented at the Annual Dinner each year and the award categories are:

  1. Men’s Senior
  2. Ladies Senior
  3. Juvenile
  1. The awards are open to any fully paid up member of Beeston Road Club.
  2. The winner of the trophy in each category will be calculated using a points system based on the number of miles/km covered and ft/mts climbed completed during the season.
  3. Qualifying events are to have a distance of no less than 100km/65miles
  4. Only events that are open to the public such as Audax, Sportives, Official Charity Rides and Open Club Events are to be included in computation of the results. Club runs, holiday miles etc are to be excluded.
  5. The distance of the event and the amount of climbing will be that stipulated in the organizers particulars for the event. Participants measurement of the event using Garmin or similar devices will not be permitted.
  6. Points will be awarded as follows:
    1. 1 point for the first 65mile/100km.
    2. After completion of the first 65mile/100km points will continue to accrue on the basis of 1 point per 65mile/100km or part thereof.
    3. 1 point for the first 1000ft/35m of climbing.
    4. After completion of the first 1000ft/35m of climbing points will be awarded on the basis of 1 point per 1000ft/35m of climbing or part thereof.
    5. At the discretion of the judging committee 1 additional point may be awarded if in the opinion of the judges the event is considered to be ‘ultra endurance’ such as the Etape Caledonia, The Dragon Ride, Paris Roubaix Sportive, Etape du Tour or the Marmotee etc.
  7. The time taken to complete the event will not be taken into account.
  8. The qualifying season will run from 1st March until 30th October each year
  9. It will be the responsibility of the club member to provide evidence of events completed with relevant particulars. It is proposed that, in future years, a league table be included on the club website showing the current position of each participating club member.