Beeston Road Club was founded in 1945 when a group of cyclists met on Wollaton Park on V.E. Day. They had arranged to meet for a ride and agreed to form the Beeston Touring Club, later to become Beeston Road Club.
Year by year items of note since the forming of the club have been:-
1949  Members first competed in cycle races.
       First club dinner organised.
       First club tour held, (2 weeks in Devon).
1950  First club records established.
1954  First promotion of 100 mile time trial.
1955  At a general meeting held on 9th June the name of the club was officially changed to the Beeston Road Club.
1956  Arthur Panter elected President.
        First Road Race and Cyclo Cross promotions.
        First Ladies club records established.
1959  Club promotes the National 100 mile Tiame Trial Championship.
1960  Member dismissed from club for misconduct.
        Rider disqualified from Club Time Trial for taking pace and jumpiong traffic lights.
        Present design of club medals originated.
        John Perry elected treasurer.
1953/1962  Club organises Nottingham to Skegness Road Races on behalf of the British Cycling Federation.
        First edition of ‘En-Ligne’, the club magazine, published.
1963/1966 Football lotteries promoted to raise funds.
1964  10th Anniversary Open 100 mile Time Trial.
       Charles Rice Trophy donated to the club.
       Club chairman Bernard Barneston is killed in an accident while riding ‘ANDCC 100’
1965  Bernard Barneston Trophy donated to the Club.
1966  First organised trip to the ‘Morecombe Weekend’.
1967  Club promots the National Junior Road Race Championship, won by Phil Edwards.
           Charles Rice Trophy Race first promoted.
1968  The ‘Horizontal Trophy’ first awarded.
1972  Club promotes the National Ameteur Pursuit Championship & National 50 Kilometre Motor Paced               Championship at Leicester Track.
1975/1977 Beeston Road Club is sponsored by Mansfield Brewery.
1981  Beeston Town Centre races first promoted.
          Cyclo Cross Championship introduced.
1982  First 200 Club Lottery promoted to raise funds.
1983  Ladies Championship introduced.
1985  Donington Park Criteriums promoted.
           John Kelly elected Club Chairman.
1986  Miss Polly Evening Time Trial League sponsorship began.
1989 Sid Standard elected Club President following the retirement of Arthur Panter.
1992  New design of Club race kit introduced.
1995 Former Club President Arthur Panter dies.
          50th Anniversary Dinner Dance held at the Royal Regency Banqueting Suite, Ilkeston.
1996  Club membership exceeds 100 for the first time.
1998  Mick Hart elected Club Chairman following the retirement of John Kelly who moved to Ireland.
2003  Sid Standard dies following a tragic accident whilst leading a CTC run in Derbyshire.
2004  Mike Davis elected Club President.
            Sid Standard Memorial Road Races first promoted.
2005  60th Anniversary Dinner Dance held at the Royal Regency Banqueting Suite, Ilkeston.
2009  Mike Davis elected Club Treasurer following the retirement of John Perry who stepped down after 48 years of service.
            New Beeston Road Club Website launched.