1.  The Club shall be known as the Beeston Road Club (hereinafter referred to as “the Club”)
  2.  The aim of the Club is to promote all forms of pedal cycling.
  3.  Membership of the Club shall be open to both sexes.
  4.  The Club shall be affiliated to the CTT and BC and to other organisations at the discretion of the committee.
  5.  The Club may be sponsored as permitted under the rules of the CTT and BC.


Prospective members should complete the prescribed membership form which, together with the appropriate fee,should be submitted to the General Secretary for the Committees approval.

The Annual Subscription of members shall be:-
Senior ( 18 and over ) £20
Junior (16 and 17) £5
Juvenile ( Under 16 ) £1
Associates £5
and shall become payable on 1st April in each year.

Associate members shall be non participating cyclists but shall have all rights accruing to membership A maximum of 2 associates may be elected to the General Committee.
Each member, with the exception of Associates, shall be an affiliated or private member of BC or a member of the CTC. Failure to comply with this rule shall render the membership invalid.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held before the end of February each year and all members shall receive notice
of this meeting at least 14 days before.
The Annual General Meeting shall :-

  1. Receive reports from the Club’s Officers.
  2. Adopt the financial statement and Balance Sheet from the Treasurer.
  3. Elect a President , Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Runs Captain and other members as required to discharge the business of the Club.
  4. Transact any other business as permitted by the Chairman.


The Committee shall consist of the Club Officers elected at the Annual General Meeting. It shall meet to discharge the business of the Club. A quorum shall consist of four members.
The Committee shall have power to fill any vacancies which may occur.
The Committee shall have power to appoint sub-committees to assist in carrying out its work.
The Chairman and General Secretary shall be ex-officio members of all Club sub-committees.


All the runs shall be in the charge of a leader who shall be the Runs Captain or the appointed deputy.
All members shall obey the law of the land relating to road travel and will be responsible for their own road safety.
Riders under 16 years of age shall be accompanied by an adult.
Members shall equip their cycles so as to cause no inconvenience to other members on club runs.
In the case of illness or accident which involves a return home by other transport the member and a friend if
required may be refunded the cost of travel on the approval of the Committee.


Members shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner befitting the good name of the Club
The Committee shall have the power to dismiss or suspend any member from the Club if they consider his or her conduct so warrants it.


Alterations to the constitution or rules of the Club may only be dealt with by the Committee whose decision
shall be final.