Club Rides – The Rules

As the lockdown rules are being gradually relaxed the club rides will be run in accordance with the relevant social distancing / group activity rules. Currently a maximum group of 6 people can gather.

For a club run to take place fairly strict rules  will have to be implemented.

When a ride is posted on the club website or the Facebook page, members wishing to go on the ride will need to pre-book by a stipulated time. Groups of 6 will then be allocated. When you arrive at the start point you will need to get together with the other members of your group. A groups list will be sent out by email. This measure will also help with ‘track and trace’ should anyone develop symptoms of Covid 19.

The separate groups will set off from the start point at 3 to 5 minute intervals and the usual group ride rules will apply. If the ride includes a café stop you must observe the social distancing rules. A lot of cafes are only providing a takeaway service at the moment and you will need to wear a face covering if you need to go inside the café building to get your takeaway. The return ride will operate in the same way with groups setting off separately.

These arrangements will affect the Sunday Club Runs and the Wednesday evening Social Rides. No other club rides are currently planned.

Previously club rides have been relatively informal and open in some cases to non-members. During the current Covid-19 outbreak club rides will only be open to fully paid up members.

So, to summarise:

If you want to go on a club ride you will need to email Please include a contact phone number.

A list of groups will be sent out by email.

You must arrive in plenty of time so that each group can ride together.

Stay with your allocated group and observe social distancing at stops etc.

Remember to carry a face covering in case you need it for a café stop. The club recommends you carry hand sanitizer to protect yourself and others.

Club rides are currently only open to fully paid up club members.

Lastly – You must not attend a club ride if you have or have been in contact with anyone who has any Covid-19 symptoms. If you unsure of what the Covid-19 symptoms are you can get more information here

If you develop symptoms after going on a club ride please notify the club via as soon as possible.

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